Friday, 31 July 2015

TSG Summer School

Just had a wonderful three and a half days away at Farncombe Estate on the Textile Study Group Summer School.  It was a bit overwhelming and extremely long hours but oh so enjoyable.  The talk given by Jan Miller, Mary Sleigh and Shelley Rhodes on the Wednesday evening just topped off everything nicely.  There was chance to shop too.  The Silk Route were on site throughout and Art Van Go visited all day on Tuesday.  Lots of lovely food, excellent tutors and accommodation and outstanding surroundings .....
Deckchairs for lounging in were everywhere, unfortunately the weather was not conducive to this activity until the final day.

 A view towards Bredon Hill in the foreground and the Malverns in the background.

One of the more talented members of the group with Mary Sleigh produced the fantastic vessels above.

 Another one played with found objects of various kinds.  Her table was covered with them.

 Below - the things that look like caterpillars are catkins.
My companion from Worcestershire produced this seed box, complete with handmade seeds, which is more than I can say for what I was doing!  As usual, mine is still to finish and I am feeling pretty useless at the moment.  I will try and finish it and post it on my blog.  I promise.


  1. Place looks fabulous - shame it's not going to be a course venue again. love that seedbox !

  2. ps I think the seedhead is tragopopon pratensis and it is in the salsify family, sometimes called goat's beard but I think that depends where you live!