Friday, 3 July 2015

Where has this week gone?

Well I have been playing around with bits and pieces when I should have been doing other things ....

This was a piece of watercolour paper left over from making something else which I decided to paint with walnut ink and splatter with salt.  It has been lying around for a while so I have now started to add bits and pieces to it with some words too.

The fabric was a scrap left from something else and the metal shard is from the Venture Group demo last Wednesday.  I have also added some metallic thread and beads here and there.

I found this piece of paper in my pile of discarded bits and cannot think how I produced it but it works very well with this strip of metal.  Both this piece of copper and the one previous have been heated and put through a ribbler-thingy twice, each time in a different direction.

It is all very much 'Work in Progress' and I do a bit when a feel like it.

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