Saturday, 4 July 2015

Browned Off

On Friday I had a long piece of watercolour paper left over from making a Holiday Pocket Journal so I made some strong tea and got out my rusting bits and pieces and laid this lot out ...

There are lots of nails out of the floors in our house which I have found all over the place since we had the builders here.  A few nails, links from a bicycle chain and some nuts.

This is what I got!  It has not worked as well as usual and I think it might be down to the very hot weather and the fact that it was drying out too quickly, although I did keep damping it with the strong tea.

 This is the end section in more detail.  The fuzzy bits are fine wire wool dropped onto the paper
After Rusting

Middle Section

 Just spotted that I added one or two additional items at this end

Lines of nails are always my favourite

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