Sunday, 5 July 2015

More of a Shine Today

I was up bright and early this morning so sat down and played with some of the metal pieces I had accumulated since the last Venture Group meeting.

The lovely background behind these pieces is the bricks and mortar on top of a low wall in the garden.  I think the birds have added a touch of colour themselves!!

The top example is a piece of copper shim which had been embossed whilst laid on a soft background to create a raised surface.  This then had various colours of embossing powder added to it.  Following that alcohol inks in rust and meadow were applied.

To the right is a piece of tomato puree tube which was also embossed from the back and then alcohol inks were added.

The larger piece on the left in the centre is copper shim which has been embossed and then alcohol ink applied.

To the right of that is a piece of brass shim that was put through a ribbler (with great difficulty as it was quite thick).  Again this has had embossing powder and alcohol inks added.

Finally, another piece of tomato puree tube which was laid onto a rubber moulding mat and embossed from the back.  Additional lines were added freestyle and then a bit of alcohol ink.

Hope to do some stitching into them next after placing a little bit of wadding or felt behind each piece and finding a suitable background fabric to set them off.

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