Monday, 4 March 2013

More demolition

The builders turned up today and rather than starting to put the drive right (the digger had not appeared over the weekend) they decided to come indoors and knock down the wall between the downstairs loo and the hall.  We now have a huge entrance hall with no carpet, no curtains and a temporary hanging dustsheet to stop all the muck transgressing into the rest of the house - some hope!!

I therefore got nothing done and had to miss my class at college too.

In amongst this mayhem an electrician came and looked at what used to be the pantry ready to sort out some problems in there, followed by a plumber who is doing the preparation for some of the other work that still needs doing.  We now have another radiator removed and a toilet and washbasin in '70s 'Sun King' colour out in the front garden.  Looks like another trip to the tip is in order.

Good job it was sunny - it made me feel happy.

On Sunday I cut down the ailing Laburnum tree in the front garden which I hang my bird feeders on as it was in the way of the alterations to the drive.  It looks very bare without it.  The bird feeders have been relocated to a Hazel which, whilst further away from the house, will give me a better view of who is visiting them.

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