Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Progress of sorts

This was Monday evening and it is part of the hall where the downstairs cloakroom once was.  The radiator is out of the pantry and just happens to be resting there for the moment.

This is Monday and Tuesday evening showing the other end of the hall where the new downstairs cloakroom is going to be.  I must say I am a lot happier with it now I have seen the start of the stud wall.  It is difficult to envisage what it is all going to be like when you see it on a plan.  Note the wonderful dustsheet curtain

Came back from the EG meeting in  Worcester to find all the bathroom fittings are now located in the main bedroom.  Hope they will have got moved out of there by the NEC show or we could have a problem.

Put my name down to do a workshop with Ruth Smith in May - Folded Secrets: Chinese Thread Book - yes I know I have done it before with Annie.

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  1. So glad it is your house not mine but I will be envious of your space when it is all finished !