Sunday, 24 March 2013

NEC Purchases

I spent more money than I intended at the Fashion, Embroidery and Stitch Show, no surprises there I suppose.  I bought this very nice Celtic wooden print block from Colouricious so have been playing with it this morning to get some ideas before I produce some bits of work.

I also made a very naughty purchase - some Inktense blocks.  I did a doodle last night with them from a photograph of an hare on our 2013 calendar, adding a bit more detail this morning.  Although it is not quite right, I rather like him.

The Inktense blocks are wonderful to use and I think I prefer them to the Inktense pencils that I already have, although I can see me using them together, the pencils having the benefit of a finer tip to add detail.


  1. Glad you got to go, I was laid low so missed out on my saturday coach trip to annoying but it prob saved me buying more bits lol
    Inktense blocks were on my wish will be interesting to see what you think about them.
    Was told there was someone selling the Colouricious stock glad theyve managed to keep it going. Sarah had such great choices of colours and mediums, nice to know they'll still be available .

  2. Naaaah, Inktense isn't a naughty buy - they've a lot of uses. What's daft is either spending more than one can actually afford, or buying duplicates...

    BTW, Don't want to scaremonger at all, but if someone honest (like me!!) can pinpoint your exact address etc from your photos, comments and, esp. the old maps from a few posts ago, so can someone unscrupulous who may act on any info you might post like when you might be away. It happens, but I'd hate it to happen to you.=)

    1. Thanks for the comments. I try to be careful but sometimes forget.

    2. I know what you mean - I just hate that we *have* to be careful.=( And your old maps were absolutely fascinating! I remember my mum showing me one of the area around her house around 1900 - there were turnpikes and so on, real history. My old dentist in Leeds had an old map of the area around his surgery on the ceiling so you were so busy trying to find your house, you didn't mind the treatment!

      Take care and hope the building work is progressing well and will give you a 'safe' room or three soon.=)