Saturday, 23 March 2013

Yet More Snow

I managed to get to the Fashion, Embroidery and Stitch Show on Thursday and Friday this week, thank goodness I did not have a ticket for today as this is what the weather is like!!  I really enjoyed seeing all my buddies from the North.

I walked to the co-op to post a card and took this picture of the 'Dingly Dell' on my way home.  It is a view from the road down behind the garage.  (Plenty of water in the stream again)  I have planted daffodils, snowdrops, wood anenomes, dog daisies and also transplanted some primroses over there, but they are all competing with the wild garlic.  As it floods on the right hand side it is difficult knowing what will survive.

No sewing going on at the moment as I have had the most horrendous week at home.  The builders have been in most rooms doing something or other, the mess has been awful and it has been freezing cold.  We nearly have a functioning Utility Room now and the house bathroom is ready to have the sanitaryware installed.  It involved taking up the floorboards and putting down another floor.  The downstairs cloakroom needs the floor tiling and then it can have its loo and washbasin installed.  The hall will be getting its window wall and ceiling plastered on Monday and then it can be finished off.  Some progress I guess.

Dreading the kitchen floor being levelled again.  Do not know where I am going to move everything to so that they can get at it.  Do not think we will ever get to enjoy living in this house and I am sure everyone wonders when the weather will improve and it will get warmer.

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  1. I'm sure you will get to enjoy living in your house ! It's already looking beautiful, especially in the snow and the dell is just lovely - looking forward to seeing the result of all your work later in the year.